Inviting Members to your Organizations just got Easier

Tired of asking your Nulab Apps Administrator every time you need to add a new member to your Organization? Moving forward, this task no longer falls solely on the backs of the Administrators: We’ve added a new member privilege option that allows regular members to invite new people, too.

Inviting members to your organization

Setting Invitation Privileges

The Administrator can add the invitation privilege to any member. The new member role, called “Member Plus,” can then invite new members to your organization.

How to grant invitation privileges as an Administrator:

  1. Sign in to Nulab Apps from an Administrator account.
  2. Click the ‘Organizations’ tab.
  3. Once on the Organizations page, click your Organization and select a member you want to grant invitation privileges.
  4. Select “Can invite other members” and save with the Update button.

Granting invitation privileges as an AdministratorGranting invitation privileges as an Administrator

How to invite members as a Member Plus:

  1. Sign in to Nulab Apps from a Member Plus account.
  2. Click the ‘Organizations’ tab.
  3. Once on the Organizations page, click your Organization and select “+ Invite.”
  4. Select the new person’s User Role and click ‘Next’.
  5. Enter the new person’s email address, any groups they should be a part of, and an optional message.
  6. Press the ‘Invite X member(s)’ button to send the invite.

User privileges matrix

To help clarify what privileges each user role has, here is a handy matrix.

User Role






Payment Admin


Payment Admin

Invite user






Invite Member

Invite Guest

Invite users to my group

Invite users to unjoined group

Remove inviting members (Admin)

Remove inviting members (Member, Guest)

Remove invited members

Bulk member invite (CSV)


Edit user role

Edit invite privilege

Edit payment admin privilege



Improved UI

We’ve also improved the UI for inviting members across member roles:

  • It’s easier to select additional member privileges, including our new ‘can invite other members’ option as well as the existing ‘set as payment admin’ option when inviting new members.
  • You can now select the ‘set as payment admin’ when inviting administrators.
  • Members Plus users can use the ‘Edit privilege’ page.
  • “Member Plus” and “Guest” batch is now available.
  • “Bulk invite members (CSV)” is now available to Member Plus users with the ‘Invite other members’ privilege.
  • You can edit members privileges.

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