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How to Handle Difficult People at Work

Every office has its cast of characters, each one bringing a special flavor to the work environment. And while most are generally great, some flavors just leave a bad taste...

Test Driven Development in Go – Part 1

You may have read our previous announcement that we are currently rewriting Cacoo Editor UI to HTML 5. But that's not all; we have decided to migrate our current API...

Backlog Android1.3.0: Parent issue assignment

New Backlog Android App Version 1.3.0 update! Our latest release is packed with bug fixes and new features. Let's get right to it! Parent issue assignment You can assign an issue...

Trending Tech News & Innovations Part II

Emerging technology is in surplus, popping up to enhance our lives and make tasks, travel, health and safety more efficient and exciting. Here are several more trends creeping into reality that will put...

Should You Shorten Your Startup’s Work Week?

If you stop and do the math, a 40 hour work week tends to add up to much more, especially when you're wearing many hats at a startup. Although you require these working...

Trending Tech News & Innovation Part I

The landscape of the future is knee-deep in new innovations that were once only mere fantasy. Reality and intelligence are changing and we are already starting to experience this terrain blossom into view.  Augmented...

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