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Typetalk Update: iPad App, GitHub Integration, and more!

iPad app optimization We optimized the Typetalk iPad app. Now you can communicate with a larger screen! Other improvements include a new input design and larger image preview thumbnails.   GitHub Integration If you...

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Typetalk Tutorial: Respond to messages

Typetalk is a collaborative chat tool that revolutionizes team discussions. Today I'm explaining how to respond to a message. Responding to a message When you are responding to your team member's message, click on...

The 3 Most Important Tips for Foreign Tech Startups Entering New Markets

By Patrick Charuza, Fueled   Market entry is one of the most pivotal steps for a business. By diversifying their customer base, companies can customize their products and services to target...


A Conversation With Simon Oxley

This past Tuesday, Roxanne and I sat down with Simon Oxley, a good friend of our CEO (whom we fondly refer to as Masa). The name might not be familiar, but...

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What students in the Bronx taught us about designing for humans

  The sixth period bell rang, and students began filtering into the computer lab. In between placing bets over which basketball team will win the NBA Finals, students logged into...


Typetalk Tutorial: Favorite Topics

Typetalk is a collaborative chat tool that revolutionizes team discussions.In the previous blog post, I explained that Typetalk allows you to sort by favorite topics or other topics. Today I'm explaining more about the favorite...

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