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Typetalk Beginner’s Tutorial: Mobile Notifications

In the previous tutorial, we introduced desktop notifications. However, the notification sound won't ring when you are accessing Typetalk outside of a computer or browser. As a result, you might miss some notifications. To prevent...

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Exhibiting 101: Lessons from NY TechDay

Roxanne here, reporting on Nulab's first time exhibiting at NY TechDay!    Cacoo Ninja in New York With over 1.5 million Cacoo users in 200+ countries, we decided to open a...


Backlog Android App Version 1.1 Gives 3 New Features

Hello Android users!  We're pleased to introduce three new features for Backlog Android app version 1.1.  1. Create new issues anytime, anywhere Ideas can come to you on the subway, in a car or even at a...

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Implementing Blue-Green Deployment for Drupal site with Docker

Are you or is your company using Docker to build, ship and run your apps? At Nulab, we are implementing blue-green deployments with Docker for our Nulab Developers site. In this blog post, we'll take you...

Typetalk Update: iOS Extension and Web App Improvements

Hi there, this is Taichiro Yoshida from Nulab's Typetalk team. For my first Nulab blog post, I'll be sharing Typetalk's latest updates. iOS Extension Now you can share links, text, and images to Typetalk directly from...

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Sneak Peek of New Typetalk Lounge Design

Siska here! We are excited to give you a sneak peek of the new Typetalk lounge design that will be released at the end of July 2015. With these upcoming visual improvements,...

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