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Talking with Anna at the cafe in Brooklyn.

Meet Anna Siegel, NYC Geekettes Ambassador – Part 2

Could you tell me about what's going on in the NY startup community? I think that startups founded now have a bigger challenge than they had few years ago. A...


Typetalk Update: @all and @here mentions, plus a new webhook function

Mentions When you type "@" to add a mention, you will see @all and @here have been added to the bottom of the suggestion list. @all - Notify all members in the...

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Meet Anna Siegel, NYC Geekettes Ambassador – Part 1

Geekettes is a worldwide community dedicated to helping aspiring and established female tech innovators. Roxanne and I interviewed Anna Siegel, one of an ambassador of NYC Geekettes. 【Profile】 Anna Siegel...


Better security with sign-in alerts

For added security, Nulab Account now provides sign-in alert. You will receive email alerts when someone logs into your Backlog, Cacoo or Typetalk account from a new device. With this...

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Typetalk Update: Email notifications and more

Email notifications You can now receive email notifications for mentions when you do not have Typetalk open. The email will include the sender and content, as well as a reply link (see below)....


5 Recommended New York Co-Working Spaces

Startups and the tech community have been growing rapidly in New York. When you start your career as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or freelancer, you might think to use...

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