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The Petshopbox team.

Petshopbox Studio Employs Backlog to Manage Simultaneous Tasks

  Petshopbox Studio is a design studio that has been growing rapidly in Bandung, Indonesia. Graduating from Visual Communication Design and armed with their skills and knowledge in that department, CEO of Petshopbox...


Git Workshop 2014, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On 25th October, we organized a Git workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  We have recently published our Git Beginner's Guide for Dummies in Vietnamese, and this workshop was...

Security Update: POODLE SSLv3 Vulnerability

On 14th October, a serious design flaw in SSLv3, cryptographic protocol to provide secure communication over the Internet, was reported. This POODLE Bites: Exploiting The SSL 3.0 Fallback CVE-2014-3566 This vulnerability,...


Announcing Our Brand New Office in New York City

Nulab, Inc. expanded its business operations in Japan from Fukuoka to Tokyo and Kyoto. Three years ago, we have also launched our Singapore office to serve our customers in Southeast Asia.  This...


10th Anniversary of Nulab  ~back to 2013~ 

Today it's a final issue remembering this past 10 years.  Nulab Based on the demonstration of the chat service announced in the general meeting in 2012, the preview beta version...


10th Anniversary of Nulab  ~back to 2012~ 

Today we are looking back to 2012, which was our 9th year of establishment. Nulab We welcomed first employee to our sister company "Nulab Asia Pte. Ltd." in Singapore, Indonesia and...

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