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Powerful Extended Features with Cacoo Ninja

For those of you wondering, no, the Cacoo Ninja doesn't carry a half shell on his back nor does he have any turtle power. But he does possess some Ninjutsu...


Implementing a modern API design on Typetalk

In my previous blog post, I've introduced how the Typetalk API takes an important role in its architecture. Here, I'd like to share how we realize it in some snippets...

Security Update: Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

UPDATE: 2014-04-16 We have confirmed that all of the old certificates have been added to the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) provided by certificate issuer by April 15th 8:38 On April 7th, a...


Typetalk Chatbots Let You Automate Messages

Do you want to work with robots? At Nulab, we work with robots on Typetalk every day. How did we manage to hire robots to work for us? Well, of course, these...


Typetalk Update – Improved Notifications on iOS and Android

We have updated Typetalk mobile this week with the addition of push notification settings to let you have greater control over the types of notification you receive, in addition to...


CacooUp Seoul Highlights

CacooUp traveled to Seoul for the first time on 12th February. It was an exciting but short trip for myself, arriving a day before the event and leaving the next day...

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