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Check progress of concerned issues with ‘Watching Issues’ – Backlog Update release (2016-06-24)

We update Backlog every 2 - 3 weeks. We improved the ‘Watching Issues’ feature in this update. Watching Issues With our new 'Watching Issues' function, you can: Know the progress of...

Maximizing Cacoo Integrations

The average person in this digital age has files everywhere. Not on their desk, so to say, but in an organized chaos, saved in various online and computer desktop vaults....

Goodbye Flash ~ Cacoo is Will Be Reborn with HTML5

The Cacoo development team would like to let everyone know about something we have been focusing our attention on, a big change coming to Cacoo in the near future. In the...

Why Every Business Needs Diagramming

Dynamic diagramming is an essential tool for building the powerful foundation at the heart of a successful project. It is key to getting an idea from concept to fruition. For a product...

Introducing Google Docs Integration with Cacoo!

The Cacoo feature you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Introducing the Google Docs + Cacoo integration, a seamless way to import any of your Cacoo diagrams into a...

Backlog iOS App 1.6 Release: – [x] Checklist Support and More

It's time for the Backlog iOS App update. Today's release, Version 1.6, brings a lot of text formatting improvements that we hope you'll like. Let's get right to it! Checklist...

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