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Backlog API version 2 Release

We've added more Backlog APIs while we developed its iPhone app. Today we've made them available to the public as Backlog API version 2.In addition to the APIs on XML-RPC...

nulab developers

Nulab Developers – A Place for All Nulab APIs, Developer Information and More

With the unveiling of Backlog API version 2, our new website for developers, Nulab Developers, is now launched. Like us, some of our users are engaged in software development and are heavily using...


Typetalk Update: Manage Topics and Invite Members on iOS and Android

Ever since we launched Typetalk mobile on iOS and Android, we have been working hard to improve its performance and functionality so that it provides the same experience as the web version....

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Embed Typetalk Messages and Talks in Backlog

Over the past few months, we have been working on making Nulab products more and more integrated. The ability to embed Cacoo diagrams in Backlog issues and Typetalk messages have been made available to...

Email notification table

Backlog Update – Improved Email Notifications

Backlog’s email notification function provides a convenient way for you to be alerted of important updates without having to log in to Backlog every time. Many of you have been...


Cacoo Enterprise Just Got More Affordable

Looking to use Cacoo on your own server for greater control over security and access? We are delighted to share that Cacoo Enterprise now offers cheaper license rates. There is...

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