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Typetalk Updates: Invite New Users and Delete Attachments

Invite New Users New Typetalk feature! You can now invite new users to your organization directly from the Edit Topic page! You no longer need to go through your Nulab Account organization to add...

Test Driven Development in Go – Part 2

In the first part of developing a simple REST API in Go, we implemented a datastore to store our tasks. In this post, we will create a server, HTTP request handlers, and routes. We will...

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

If you want gold medal swimmers to come to your talent pool and stay swimming, you're going to need a competition-sized pool with the perfect conditions to entice them. In other...

Spotlight on Nulab: Staying Close as a Global Team

Apart, Together, the classic corporate love story of star-crossed coworkers blazing through the driest deserts and widest oceans, battling wind and hail, all with the shared lust for collaboration and working simultaneously on their passion...

Yes You Gantt: How Gantt Charts Can Help You Lead Successful Projects

There's nothing like kicking back and hanging out at the bar - a bar graph, that is. A Gantt chart is a bar graph that maps out a project's course of action...

Using Backlog to Close the Strategy-Execution Gap

Ambition and fruition are two key points along the road to success. But even with solid goals and good old fashioned passion,the followthrough can lend itself to potholes on this pathway to...

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