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We develop collaborative software tools
aimed at facilitating effective work communication and collaboration.


Should You Shorten Your Startup’s Work Week?

If you stop and do the math, a 40 hour work week tends to add up to much more, especially when you're wearing many hats at a startup. Although you require these working...

Trending Tech News & Innovation

The landscape of the future is knee-deep in new innovations that were once only mere fantasy. Reality and intelligence are changing and we are already starting to experience this terrain blossom into view.  Augmented...

Dynamic Diagramming by Industry

It might not seem likely that health care, film making and the retail industries have any business methods in common. But if we pulled a venn diagram out and got to work, we...

Saving Options: Diagram, Template, Stencil & Version

From an early age we are all taught to save. Save money. Save time. Save resources. Save your receipts. Save your files. Save your files again. Save your backup! SAVE SAVE...

The 100 Day Journey of Migrating from MySQL 5.1 to Aurora – Backlog Edition

A large portion of Backlog’s database system was switched over to Amazon Aurora. We would like to offer you simple introduction to these details and share a bit about the process....

Tools to Launch Your Startup

You've been gravitating toward it for months, years even, but you've finally come up with an idea that you want to rocket into the vast marketplace of the commercial universe. Great! You are ready...

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