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Cacoo Taiwan Hits 110,000 Users!

Cacoo Taiwan Hits 110,000 Users! Ni Hao!  Taiwan is one of the Cacoo team’s favorite regions, we appreciate our many lovely supporters there who are always willing to share their...

Backlog Update release (2016-05-17) – preview checklists and several bug fixes

We update Backlog every 2 - 3 weeks. Changes in this release You can now preview checklists in the issue's description. The bug that occurred when you searched for issues by...

Cacoo + Adobe Creative SDK: The Birth of an Integration

Cacoo is an online diagramming tool that simplifies and enhances visual communication. It takes collaboration to the next level by allowing team members to edit the same diagram simultaneously while...

Cacoo Unveils New Integrations!

It’s raining integrations! Cacoo now supports seamless integrations with four major cloud storage services: Dropbox, Box.com, Adobe Creative Cloud Assets and Google Drive. Insert your images directly from the cloud...

Five Algorithms to Measure Real Password Strength

I’m sure you’ve seen indicators that measure the strength of a password when signing up for a new account online. According to an essay by MSR (Microsoft Research), this UI element has proven effective for...

Backlog Update release (2016-04-27) – change in weekly report and several bug fixes

We update Backlog every 2 - 3 weeks. Changes in this release Changed method for calculating activities with the most stars.When one user sent many stars, it was previously categorized as "activity...

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