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Nulab Inc. was co-founded in 2004 by 3 programmers:
Masanori Hashimoto, Toshitaka Agata and Shinsuke Tabata.

Nulab is a team of fun-spirited innovators, dedicated to creating software applications that support and foster effective communication and collaboration among people and businesses.

The name ‘Nulab’ is a hybrid of the words ‘null’ and ‘laboratory’. Nulab generates new things from null.
We believe in the infinite possibilities in which great ideas can be discovered and evolved from scratch.
What is Nulab? Nulab = Null + Lab


We believe that extraordinary innovation is not born from the genius of one, but from a team of great minds, molding ideas into a brilliant whole. Effective work collaboration is powerful and indispensable in the creation of great works.


At Nulab, we put our diverse talents together, collaborating on the creation of awesome software tools such as and to make work collaboration a seamless process for the rest of the world.


Our mission is to support collaboration and to encourage the generation of new ideas by putting FUN back into our users' work.


The story of how three humble programmers from Japan
collaborated and founded Nulab Inc. together.

As advocates of effective work collaboration, the co-founders of Nulab embarked on developing software applications to provide an enjoyable and elegant collaboration experience for all their users.


2001 was the year it all started, when Masanori Hashimoto learned about Toshitaka Agata from a senior colleague at work. “An incredible programmer”, was what Masanori recalled his senior co-worker described Toshitaka to be. As a programmer himself, Masanori developed a keenness to meet with his peer from the same company and created an opportunity to do so. The pair met, and eventually began working on the same project together.

As the remarkably passionate programmers that they are, the duo also pursued their hobbies together outside of work. Masanori was picking up Java from Toshitaka, experimenting with the development of a bulletin board system (BBS). The duo even formed a community, called Mobster, for learning the Java language. The BBS that they developed was later released as an open source project from Mobster.


In 2002, Masanori and Toshitaka were introduced to Shinsuke Tabata in a meeting that the latter coordinated. Through his new acquaintances, Shinsuke learned about the Mobster community and became a member of it himself. The Mobsters have since released many other open source softwares including a wiki engine, a bug tracking system, an application launcher, and even a code generator. The concept of the bug tracking system became the initial framework for, and the practice of open source collaboration was to become a huge influence on the products and creations of their future company, Nulab Inc.

Apart from writing a book and publishing articles for Java programmers, the Mobsters also created an Internet broadcast radio called 'Mobdio' for geeks and programmers in 2003. On the show, the Mobsters would collaborate with Mobdio listeners over the airwaves to edit and improve on the wiki that they developed. The art of collaboration, as such, gradually became an important and cohesive experience for the three of them.


In 2004, the three guys who were still working as programmers then, were determined to find better ways for software developers like themselves to communicate and interact with users so as to establish a more effective feedback loop. This determination led to an epiphany: "The best way to communicate with our software users directly, is for us to establish our very own startup. " In the same year, they founded Nulab Inc. in Fukuoka, Japan.

This determination led to an epiphany:
"The best way to communicate with our software users directly, is for us to establish our very own startup. "


Company history timeline

Nulab Inc. was established
2005 Beta version was launched
Tokyo, Japan branch was established broke out of the Beta version
2009 Beta version was launched
Kyoto, Japan branch was established broke out of the Beta version
Cacoo Store was launched
Singapore branch was established
2012 was launched
Indonesia and Taiwan branches were established
2013 preview Beta version was launched reached one million users
2014 broke out of the Beta version
Nulab Account was launched
New York branch was established
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